Make an Online Payment

If you choose to pay online through PayLease, the processing time is 3 business days.  Your payment may be considered late if we receive the funds after the date payment is due.  Please refer to your rental agreement regarding late fee structure.

** If you’d like detailed instructions on how to create a PayLease account linked to your property/unit, please CLICK HERE **

Please submit all maintenance requests below.

If you have a maintenance issue that is not an emergency we request it be reported through the form below. Plum prefers non-emergency maintenance issues to be submitted through our website. This assists with obtaining permission to enter your home.

For all Emergency Issues call 406-541-7586.

Emergency issues that need to be reported immediately would include broken pipe(s), water leaks, flooding, the only toilet not functioning, electrical shorts, gas leaks, lack of heat, tub/shower/sink not properly functioning, and safety issues such as broken locks or windows or anything that may cause harm or damage to persons or property.

All other issues should be reported via the form below.
Thank You.


30 Day Notice to Vacate

Adding/Dropping Roommate

Fee Dispute Form

Notice of 7+ Day of Absence 

Request for Modification or Accommodation

Request for Secondary Review of Security Deposit Refund


Non-Emergency Maintenance Request

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    Pets must be contained or taken off premises during maintenance.