To apply for an available unit, find the unit you’re interested in on our Properties page and click the “Apply Now” button.

We require a completed application – along with the following list of documents – for all residents 18 years old and over:


  • Valid Driver’s License or valid State Identification
  • Valid vehicle registration for each vehicle
  • Valid pet’s immunization records and a photo of the pet(s). Dogs must be registered by Missoula Animal Control if you live in the city. Plum Property Management, LLC needs proof of this registration. Plum doesn’t accept pets under 6 months old
  • A copy of your most recent bank statement with the most recent 30 days of transactions included. These bank statements must show your name on the account, the account number, and the current balance
  • Verification of income which can include, but is not limited to, pay stubs, letter of employment, trust fund, SSI/SSDI, Financial Aid/Stipend, letter from parent/family member providing your income, etc
  • Rental History Verification Form (see pages 6 &7 of the rental application)
  • Applications and all other documentation for any other resident wanting to live in the dwelling unit

** Please understand that we cannot start the approval process until all of the documents above are submitted **


Once you have all completed documents listed above, you may either:


For the most prompt and accurate information on the status of your application, please email Make sure to include the property you have applied for in the subject of the email.