Plum Drop: Out to Lunch

Out to Lunch plates


As a recent transplant to Missoula from California, I am still getting familiar with the sights and sounds that this city has to offer. That is where today’s magnificent event stepped up to the plate (lunch plate, that is). My co-worker suggested that we attend the one-of-a-kind Missoulian event Out to lunch. Upon arrival, the smells that wafted through the air drew me in mercilessly. The aromas were a blend of freshly baked doughnuts, Thai cuisine, and even a uniquely crafted pizza made from a garlic bulb oven!

After my olfactory system processed the bevy of various foods, my toes started tapping from the harmonious notes drifting through the outside space. Playing on stage in the pavilion was the Western Union Swing Band. What an amazing and talented group. Founded in 2012, they specialize in producing Country Western Texas swing music. I was delighted to witness a jam session that lasted for a few minutes. They truly put on a show.

What stood out the most was the general atmosphere. If I want to make mention of anything from this splendid experience, it would be the community involvement. I am taken away at how families, friends, co-workers, and even strangers unite with such a festive vibe. Children playing, friends laughing, vendors sharing their creations with us, musicians revealing their talents with us; all producing a transcendent escapade.

It is unconscionable that this was the last Out to Lunch festival for the season. Although, as I take into account the beautiful menagerie of aromas, excellent food selections, melodic tones, and the energy that people produced; in addition to the wonderful weather that this day provided, I feel as though it was the most appropriate send off until next June.